We pride ourselves on first-class IPL Hair Reduction and IPL Skin Treatments for men and women that deliver excellent results.  Gold Coast Hair Reduction customers are happy customers!

IPL treatment helped my psoriasis

IPL treatment for psoriasis? Where can I start from, having psoriasis was one of the hardest things to handle especially in the summer and I had to wear pants to cover up my legs. I wasn't one of the very severe cases but it was getting worse as I got older. My main areas effected were my legs. Waxing and shaving was terrible. I have been seeing Carmel and Lisa where I get waxed for years when I was told if I got IPL treatment it will help with my Psoriasis at first I was very nervous and thought it will react to my already itchy legs. But to my surprise my first treatment wasn't too bad at all. I started my IPL in July 2015 and within the first 2 treatments I can definitely see the reduction of not just my hair but my Psoriasis too ☺. I've had a total of 6 IPL sessions and I'm Psoriasis free only minor scars from itching them so much. I THANK LISA FROM MY BOTTOM OF MY HEART i can enjoy the summer without feeling embarrassed . Lisa does and amazing job too always makes you feel comftable and has the most friendliest personality.❤ And her prices are amazing ☺ December 2015  
Clair -- IPL treatment helped my psoriasis

Beautiful Bikini Line Again Thanks to IPL Hair Removal

Excellent results from IPL Hair Removal with Lisa at Gold Coast Hair Reduction. My bikini line had reached the stage where it had become unmanageable, and I was too embarrassed to wear swimwear without boardshorts on over the top. I'd had it waxed for years, but found this incredibly painful, and my skin too sensitive to cope, so was always ending up with ingrowns and so on. I noticed a difference after just one session with Lisa, hair was falling out everywhere. Three sessions later, and I could hardly recognise my bikini line! I've had six sessions now, and am really happy with the permanent hair reduction achieved by Lisa's Super Hair Removal machine. No more Magilla Gorilla! Lisa really puts you at ease, and is an absolute professional.
Maree -- IPL Hair Removal

IPL photo rejuvenation treatment

Lisa offers the best Gold Coast IPL photo rejuvenation at very reasonable prices. She offers a full range of IPL services, including IPL photo rejuvenation and  IPL hair removal. I've found the IPL photo rejuvenation treatment really effective in removing pigmentation and improving my skin tone. After an IPL skin treatment, my face feels like its had a mini-facelift. The texture improves, my pores are reduced, and it is great for reducing facial redness and broken capillaries. I used to have dark pigmentation on my neck, which came about from a reaction to perfume and sun. After a few IPL photo rejuvenation sessions with Lisa, it has all but disappeared. Lisa has a real gift for putting her clients at eases, and I have no hesitation recommending her IPL services. November 2015
Brooke -- IPL photo rejuvenation

IPL hair removal legs

In just over a year I have gone from having an abundance of stubborn, dark coloured hair, with skin rashes and ingrown hairs all over my legs, to now having lovely soft skin, and having pretty much no hair - and the hair that does grow back is a very fine blonde colour. I could not be happier with my ipl treatments - best decision I ever made. July 2015
Stephanie -- IPL Hair Removal

IPL Hair Reduction -- a  great decision

I have been getting waxed with Lisa for many years now, and about a year ago she suggested IPL to me for certain areas. This was one of the best decision of my life, I have gone from shaving under my arms every day to not having to worry about it for a couple of months at a time, and the results for my Brazilian were even better. Lisa is by far the best beautician I have ever been to, she is super friendly,very professional and I always feel at home and welcome when I go in for appointments. I would recommend Lisa and all her services to anyone who will listen. June 2015
Steph -- IPL Hair Reduction