Impressed by Lisa’s Skill

“Having never had IPL treatments before I was unsure as to what to expect when I booked in to have my underarms treated. Having quite dark underarm hair, I have had to shave every couple of days for years now.

I was impressed by Lisa’s professionalism, and the way she discussed the process with me, which assured me of her training and knowledge. The treatment room was clean, sterile and professional, and the process was quick and quite painless. I have now had three treatments over a period of 4 months and I have shaved only three times in this period the night before the IPL, and I am now relatively hair free and have been reassured will not need any more.

I am extremely impressed by this whole process and in Lisa’s skills and would easily and happily recommend Lisa as a therapist and IPL treatment as successful method of hair removal and reduction.”

– Summer Lockley (16th February 2012)

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