About Us

LisaWe offer IPL treatments using high-end IPL technology to give you painless hair removal and skin rejuvenation with guaranteed results!  Gold Coast Hair Reduction  has been in operation since 2011 within the iconic Get Waxed at Carmel’s Beauty Salon in Southport. Lisa, as owner and operator, has been involved in the beauty industry since 2000 and as part of her ongoing commitment to her client’s hair removal and skin care needs, is happy to offer the latest IPL treatment technology and know-how to her clients. You can expect a personalised, honest and results-driven service with each treatment whilst ensuring maximum client comfort and the highest safety standards!

IPL Treatment Trained and Certified

After assisting thousands of wonderful clients with hair removal services over the last 10+ years, I understand how important it is for you to feel confident that the person performing your IPL treatment session has been properly trained so that you avoid any unnecessary complications and can be assured of success in your hair reduction goals.

I have had extensive IPL Treatment and Laser safety training as required by the Queensland Government and will continue to seek out new training and up skilling opportunities as well as sourcing the latest technologies to enhance each clients experience

That’s why I am happy to display my certificate in training of the IPL services we provide at Gold Coast Hair Reduction.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding laser hair reduction, please call me on 55329801 or through our contact page.

– Lisa Jorgensen, Gold Coast Hair Reduction